Shaman’s ~ Art & Motorcycles

Shaman’s~ Art & Motorcycles

About Shaman’s ~ Art & Motorcycles

Hey now! How’s it goin’?
J.R. Weston here, I’m the dude behind all these artistic motorcycle shenanigans. I’m the “Shaman” of Shaman’s ~ Art & Motorcycles.

Fun fact:
I love to ride motorcycles and make shit look pretty!
There is a magick in art and that same magick is found in motorcycles, or rather the art of riding motorcycles.
Riding is more than just a passion for transportation. It elevates the soul by challenging you, and with every twist of the throttle a new challenge is beaten!
~Just keep it shiny side up!

I host monthly motorcycle social runs through The Blue Moon Motorcycle Show.. These monthly runs help to raise awareness for community needs. 

I design playing cards for motorcycle poker runs, or your weekly poker night. To add in the magick that we all need in life, I also design Oracle cards. And to keep it all together in a nice lil box… I make l wood burned magick boxes. 

The Blue Moon Motorcycle show.

A weekly podcast about life.
How to keep your shit in a crazy world.
…and Motorcycles!

Episodes coming January 2022

Believe in yourself

I want to open a location where people can congregate with one another and learn a skill that can better their life. A safe place….
For second chances.

— Shaman

You can be whatever you want…
Do whatever you want…
Achieve whatever greatness you set out to achieve.

If anyone tells you different, prove them wrong and shine!

— Joel Weston


PO BOX 1207