Poker Run Rider package




Riders – $25 per hand

Draw up to 7 cards
-Limit 2 cards per stop
-Riders may purchase additional cards at $10 per card
-Visit at least 3 locations

Riders may draw 2 cards at a location.

Riders are strongly encouraged to use the services at the stop when they draw their cards.
This is how we support the sponsors who support us.
Riders can also participate in a community project benefiting the area’s well being.

Winnings and Prizes
When you stop at a sponsor location and purchase additional playing cards or Poker Run Merchandise, keep in mind that we are sharing 50% of those proceeds with the sponsor location.
The remainder of the proceeds along with the riders entry fee will go into the pot of winnings at the end of the run.

Riders Winnings
1st place 60% percent of pot
2nd place 30% percent of pot
3rd place 10% percent of pot

In the event of a tie or draw, each player receives equal amount of winnings.

Important Information

  1.  Make sure to fill out the Rider information above

  2.  Purchase at least one rider package to ride in the poker run.

  3. If you intend to play more than one hand, you can purchase multiple hands @$25 per hand.

    (Extra hands can also be paid at the end of the run when you turn in your hands.)


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