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We don’t just make food. We make people’s experience.

-What is the podcast about?
-How are motorcycles involved with the full moon?

Motorcycles have always been an influential aspect of my life. I really feel riding, embracing the riding culture, and all things motorcycle have helped me to break through and out of a lot of the mental imprisonment aspects that are relevant in our society.

Episode 3: Renewal and the Snow Moon The Blue Moon Motorcycle Show

The Blue Moon Motorcycle Show is a podcast about knowledge, wisdom, and motorcycles. Where we talk about life, from a bikers perspective. Host: ShamanGuests: Donovan & Frank SpitzmanDate: 03/11/2022Topics: Renewal and refreshment over the winter months on non-riding.-Interview with Donovan and his father Frank Spitzman talking about their riding preference.-Whats in store for your winter […]
  1. Episode 3: Renewal and the Snow Moon
  2. Episode 2: Transformation and the Wolf Moon
  3. Episode 1: Preparation and the Cold Moon
  4. The Blue Moon Motorcycle Show

Discover Our Routes

Motorcycle riding is a daily adventure, and the routes one has taken can lead others to some amazing rides of their own. Whether its a group ride or a solo ride, using these routes will take you on the road just travelled, and give you a guided tour of some beautiful Colorado roads to ride!

What are we serving?


Self Esteem Booster
As a direct result of challenging death and winning with every ride.
$16.50 = to 1 tank of gas


Confidence Booster
How many times have you been stopped at a gas station, restaurant or bathroom and heard:”Hey! Is that your bike?”


Smiles for Miles
Perma-Grin is a direct affect of riding a motorcycle. The love and affection you recieve when you ride is a bonus!

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